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How white will my teeth go?

There can be variation in the degree to which teeth will whiten.  While most teeth come up great after whitening, each tooth inherently has its maximum whiteness beyond which it will not whiten regardless of the technique or material.  Some smiles that you would expect to whiten well may only whiten a little, and conversely some smiles whiten a lot better than expected.  Also, even within a smile there may be some teeth which are naturally not as bright as others and sometimes after whitening these teeth can look whiter, but still not as bright as the others.  A common concern among our patients is whether their teeth will go too white as they don't necessarily want to have that Hollywood smile!  If the level of whiteness that you desire has been reached, you can simply stop whitening.  Whitening is still often the first step that people will take when wanting to improve their smile, whether they do any additional cosmetic treatment afterwards or not.


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