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I used to dread visiting the dentist, but SmartSmile is different.  This is a warm, caring environment where the hygienists gently clean my teeth and prevent the need for further dentistry through preventative oral hygiene.  My smile has never looked so good and that gives me a tremendous confidence!
Gemma Morrison

I was one of the original patients when Fraser Smith Lowe set up their dental hygiene division back in 1997.  Maree Millar was the first hygienist and I have been visiting her every six months ever since.  As a result my bad breath problem is a thing of the past and I also find that my dental treatments have decreased significantly so that what I have spent on dental hygiene has been more than offset by reduction of dental costs.  My regular visit is always a treat and my mouth feels clean and sparkling afterwards.
Graham Beattie

Most people understand the need to get a checkup from your dentist every few years, but fewer people realise that regular cleaning of your teeth by a qualified dental hygienist is significantly beneficial as well.  I was a sceptic too, but the truth is we're all human and we can't trust ourselves to clean our teeth properly.  Even if trust wasn't the issue, we don't have the same technical ability to get our teeth really clean as a proficient hygenist does.  Jennifer Cross at Fraser Smith Lowe Dentists has been cleaning my teeth regularly for about five years and I highly recommend her work.  Frankly, Jennifer is my smile's guardian angel.  There's plenty of scientific research suggesting that good dental hygiene prolongs your life.
So apparently dental hygiene is an investment in your future, as well as giving you the short-term benefits of cleaner teeth and healthier gums.
Jennifer's personality makes each session relaxing and comfortable. My teeth feel so much better after every clean, and that feeling literally lasts for months.  Truth is, I actually look forward to my next appointment with Jennifer.
Who would have thought you'd ever say that about a visit to a dental practice?
Mark Casey


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